José María Aznar


I had the honour to be Spain’s Prime Minister for eight years and I must say that it was the most important and gratifying job I could have hoped for. Since a very tender age, I have been interested in public affairs. I believe that politics is and must be a noble activity, an act of service to one’s compatriots and one’s nation. I have tried to serve my country with responsibility, earnestness, determination, vocation and commitment. That is why I kept my word to retire from office after eight years in government. 

Freedom is, and has always been, my conviction, my preoccupation and my goal

I believe in my country, I want Spain to be an ever stronger nation, ever more important and burgeoning in the world.

During the two terms of Parliament in which I led the government of my nation, I did everything in my power to hand Spain back better than I had received it. I feel that is the duty of everyone in government. And I feel that objective data show that I fulfilled that duty. A comparison of any economic figures (on growth, job creation and reduction of unemployment, deficit, etc.) between 1996 and 2004 needs no further comment. The comparison of Spain’s ability to establish a dialogue with the world’s great powers speaks volumes. 

I want Spain to be an ever stronger nation, ever more important and burgeoning in the world

Equally eloquent is the example of which policies work to eradicate terrorism and which ones only serve to keep it aflame. Since 2004, my main concern has been to think about politics, to work so that the ideas of freedom in which I have always believed are more and more attractive to more and more people. Freedom is, and has always been, my conviction, my preoccupation and my goal. Only societies that are free and respect the rule of law are truly democratic. Only a free economy – in which contracts are respected – fosters prosperity. The greatest threat to freedom today is terrorism. That is why only governments determined to defend freedom against that threat are worthy of the trust of free citizens.

I have always defended my convictions with clarity, decision and consistency. The Internet enables the general public to view documentation that until very recently was reserved to a very small audience. I am confident that the exhaustive archive of my speeches and public activities provided by this web site will help others understand better the ideas and convictions I have always defended: the ideas of freedom.

José María Aznar
  • Doctorado Honoris Causa from CEU Cardenal Herrera UniversityValencia, 20.01.09
    Doctorado Honoris Causa from San Ignacio de Loyola UniversityLima, 21.03.09
    Leadership Award in International RelationsWashington, 13.05.09
  • European Merit MedalMadrid, 19.05.09
    Order of the Founder, El Rosario UniversityBogotá, 14.09.09
  • Doctorado Honoris Causa from UADEBuenos Aires, 15.03.12
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