In the presentation of Miguel Maura’s biography


Aznar: “There is no coexistence, liberties or order if laws are not respected

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October 1 2018

The former President of the Government and President of FAES José María Aznar presented today the biography Miguel Maura. La derecha republicana, tenth volume of the collection 'Biografías Políticas' of FAES. During his speech, he assured that "the instrumentalization of history as an element of confrontation can fracture all we have achieved as a nation. There must be no turning back. The past must propel us to a very promising future if we make out of Spain a nation of free and equal citizens”.

"Miguel Maura was very concerned about three issues regardless the form of government: political stability, based on broad support for the system by the citizens and elites; the rule of law, essential when it comes to building a regime of freedoms, and lastly, division of powers, essential for the functioning of any so-called liberal state," said Aznar. "And it is worth remembering today that there is no coexistence, liberties or order if laws are not respected. No one can stand above the law", he then added.

In his opinion, "Spanish liberal democracy cannot afford laws of ideological imposition that go against an open, plural and free society. No commissions of supposed truth can be allowed against the free work of researchers". In this sense, Aznar has stressed that "the political system cannot coercively indicate historians what they must or mustn’t say. We cannot limit their freedom to investigate, their freedom to associate, their freedom to express themselves in terms they deem appropriate.

"We must be able to protect our system of rights and freedoms. By doing so, we will also defend our Constitution, the one that the defenders of the project of Memoria Histórica want to tear down," he said.

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