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Interview in ‘Herrera en COPE’ | “I bequeathed a united political space and Casado has received it cut into three"

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October 8 2018

The former president of the Government and president of FAES, José María Aznar, has given an interview to the programme “Herrera en COPE” in which he has claimed that he bequeathed a united centre-right electoral space, whereas the new president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has received it divided in three among PP, Ciudadanos and Vox.

Centre-right | “Today’s centre-right electoral space has to think about its future.”

“The first step to rebuild this centre-right is to rebuild the PP.”

“The election of Casado is a great success. It gives the PP the opportunity to reconstitute itself, and it is a step towards the re-foundation of the centre-right.”

(Vox) “The party was irrelevant months ago and today he has poked his head out.”

Secessionism | “It is a coup d'état which has not been dismantled. The coup plotters support the Spanish government in Madrid. The disarticulation consists of applying article 155 without time limits.”

“The two million people who support independence are subject to the rule of law, as is everyone else. What is not conceivable is that there are two legalities: the constitutional one and the coup plotters’ one.”

Transition | “The history of Transition and democracy in Spain is one of plurality, loyalty, integration. We integrated everything: nationalists, communists, extreme right… and it was a good story. Then, there were two pacts with the nationalists. In my modest opinion, the logic of the Transition ends in 2003, when constitutional development is essentially complete. In 2004, with the change of government, those who win decide that Spanish politics are not going to be thought from the centre, but from the extremes. And, in order to displace the PP from the government, it is necessary to radicalise the left. Then it is when the health cordon and the Tinel pact were born. How is a grand coalition possible if the policy is one of exclusion?”

Pedro Sánchez | “He is the leader with the worst results in the history of the PSOE. And he is also president of the Government. That is a curious fact which denotes that this party is in a quite comatose state.”

PNV | “They have reached an agreement with Bildu to break both Spanish sovereignty and the constitutional order. We already know what they want; what is serious is that we have decided to adapt to it.”

See here the entire interview

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