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‘I call to the responsibility of unifying the constitutional vote around Pablo Casado and the PP’

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March 22 2019

The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, warned, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that a ‘process of unification of the secessionist left and fragmentation of the constitutional part’ is taking place in light of the 28th of April election. In this regard, he added ‘I call to the responsibility of unifying the constitutional vote around Pablo Casado and the Popular Party’.

For Aznar, the general election is between Pedro Sánchez, “the secessionist candidate” and Pablo Casado, who represents the continuity of the current constitutional system. “I cannot be clearer about this, we either unify the constitutional vote or we face a serious risk of losing the elections, and what is more, the constitutional system as we know it today” insisted Aznar.

Aznar, who presented his latest book 'El fututo es hoy' in a conversation with former minister José Manuel Soria, has stated that "Spain has the same problems as other countries - social and political fragmentation, crisis of representation, technological revolution and the rise of populism - and 'our problem', which are secessionist challenges". ‘If Spain does not resolve this, it will not be able to face the political future with tranquility’, he assured.


When asked about the crisis of the international liberal order, one of the main topics of his book, Aznar considered that “as of today, liberal democracy can find an alternative in the illiberal democracies that move forward because liberal democracies are not showing responsiveness and the technological revolution is more favourable for authoritarian systems than for liberal systems”. In his opinion ‘this historic period of freedoms and democracy that we have enjoyed since 1945 will last as long as liberal democracy does”

Regarding the situation that the European Union is facing Aznar said that ‘the EU means cooperation between sovereign nations and it cannot be anything else’. He also pointed out that ‘the EU cannot be explained without the presence of the United States’. NATO was created before the EU because security is a precondition for any union, which is why the Atlantic Alliance is essential. The former President lamented that ‘all of this is under scrutiny nowadays’. ‘Populism is the world’s predominant element and those of us who believe in the liberal order must speak up’.

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