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The Majestic Pact, a pact for the whole of Spain

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March 28 2019

The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, explained the raison d'être and scope of the Majestic Pact during a conversation with journalist Ignacio Camacho at the presentation of his book 'El futuro es hoy' at the Tomares Book Fair.

"The Majestic Pact is not a pact with Catalan nationalism, it is a pact for the whole of Spain. You don't reform the autonomic financing system just for Catalonia, you reform it for Spain as a whole; you don't end the military service in Catalonia, you end it for all of Spain; you don't do reforms for Catalonia, you do them for all of Spain. It's not a pact for Catalonia, it's a pact for Spain. Spaniards understand the pact this way to the extent that they allow us to take decisions on budgetary stability for Spain in order to be a founding member of the euro, and henceforth, four years later, in the 2000 elections, the Spaniards gave the Partido Popular an absolute majority. If that pact would have been for Catalonia instead of for Spain, the Spaniards would have never given us an absolute majority, nor would the PP have had its best historical electoral results in Catalonia, out of which, I wish I could have half of them now”

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