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"I fear for the future of Spain" / Interview in Diario de Avisos

/25.03.19/.- 25.03.19.- José María Aznar has travelled to the Canary Islands for the presentation of his latest book, El futuro es hoy, and has assured that Spain is living "the greatest challenge of recent years with the coup in Catalonia". The effects of the rupture of the constitutional consensus and the necessary concentration of the centre-right vote are the topics addressed in this interview.

‘I call to the responsibility of unifying the constitutional vote around Pablo Casado and the PP’

/22.03.19/.- 22.03.19.- José María Aznar warned in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that a ‘process of unification of the secessionist left and fragmentation of the constitutional part’ is taking place in light of the 28th of April election. In this regard, he added ‘I call to the responsibility of unifying the constitutional vote around Pablo Casado, and I would not make this appeal if I did not believe that this is the case and that the Popular Party is the Popular Party. It is, and whoever represents it has all the qualities to be President of the Government’.

Conference at Brigham Young University (Utah) | Europe at a Crossroads    

/07.02.19/.- 07.02.19.- José María Aznar has been invited to give a lecture at the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies at Brigham Young University in Utah (USA). In his speech he stated that "2019 will bring the most important challenges for the European Union", mainly because of the elections to the European Parliament, "the most important that we have held so far".

FAES and the Hanns Seidel Foundation analyse the Spanish and Portuguese situation before the European elections

/05.02.19/.- 05.02.19.- The FAES Foundation and the German Hanns Seidel Foundation have held in Madrid the seminar 'Spain and Portugal before the European elections', a meeting on nationalism and populism, political and economic reforms and unemployment.
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