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"I fear for the future of Spain" / Interview in Diario de Avisos

/25.03.19/.- 25.03.19.- José María Aznar has travelled to the Canary Islands for the presentation of his latest book, El futuro es hoy, and has assured that Spain is living "the greatest challenge of recent years with the coup in Catalonia". The effects of the rupture of the constitutional consensus and the necessary concentration of the centre-right vote are the topics addressed in this interview.

Interview in La Opinión de Tenerife | "I have no doubt that this government could pardon the coup plotters"

Interview at Radio Internacional | “It is necessary to defend those ideas upon which the Transition was based”

"Casado is much better than Aznar was"

/16.12.18/.- 16.12.18.- José María Aznar has given an interview to the newspapers of the Editorial Prensa Ibérica in which he assures that "Spain lives without a doubt the worst situation in the last forty years" and that "just as we have to do in order to defeat terrorism, it is necessary to disarticulate the separatists".

Catalonia is already a failed autonomous community”

/13.12.18/.- 13.12.18.- José María Aznar has supported an “in-depth intervention of the Catalan autonomy, with no time limit and covering all its institutions.” “Catalonia is, because of the secessionists, a failed community, and the more time passes the higher the price we pay for it,” he claimed in an interview at
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